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Samantha Goodell, CNM, APRN, DNP


Hello! My name is Sam (CNM, APRN, DNP). I’m a Certified Nurse Midwife & I am so excited to be an affiliate midwife! I was born & raised in Kansas where I chose to become a nurse. I actually never had any intention of working in women’s healthcare until I witnessed my first birth in labor & delivery. I felt like I was going to cry right alongside the parents! The moment of watching a baby enter the world was just so beautiful! After school, I worked for a year on a surgical/trauma unit before moving to a labor and delivery. My journey includes around 7 years of working as a labor and delivery nurse. I also have experience working in postpartum and in the neonatal intensive and care unit (NICU).

I chose to go the midwifery route because of the holistic nature of midwifery as well as my love for women’s healthcare. I also love working with women who aren’t pregnant — this includes routine well-woman care, PCOS management, hormone management, lactation support, and many other aspects of women's healthcare.

In August of 2022, I received my Doctor of Nursing Practice from Baylor University. During my schooling, I moved to Dallas where I was able to get experience both in and out of the hospital setting.

Outside of my professional life, I am an outdoorsy person. If I’m on call there’s a very real chance I’m spending that time at a nearby lake with a fishing pole in my hand. If I’m not on call, then I probably brought my tent with me to the lake! I enjoy paddle boarding, hiking, snowboarding, and basically anything that gets me outside. I have two cats. No kids as of now but maybe someday! I’m generally a very happy and outgoing person who loves to accept whatever life has to offer!


Sam provides gynecological care, birth control support, hormonal counseling, prenatal, birth & postpartum support at Born

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