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Meridian Faul, CPM

I began my journey into midwifery when I became a labor doula in 2008. Not long after beginning this journey I realized my heart was pulling me towards becoming a midwife. At that time I lived in Colorado and because training opportunities were limited, I moved to Texas to begin the clinical part of my training in 2010.


I worked at Family Birth Center in New Braunfels, Texas, from 2010-2012 where  I completed both my academic and clinical training. In February 2013 I took the National Association of Registered Midwives board exam and licensed as a Colorado registered midwife. My first practice was based out of Arvada, Colorado, where I supported mothers and delivered babies for 5  years all up and down the front range.  


In 2017 my husband made a career changed that moved us to Kansas, and I opened & founded Born Midwifery in 2019. Since then Born has grown exponentially & become the FIRST state-licensed free-standing birth center in Wichita. I'm incredibly proud of Born & the staff that works around the clock to provide quality, empowering care to women in all stages of life throughout the greater Wichita area. 

On a more private note…I am married to an incredible man who is a powerful force behind my success. Being on-call 24/7 & owning & operating a birth center with four children has its difficulties, and without his support, encouragement, and understanding being a midwife & owning Born would be quite impossible! I am blessed with four beautiful children who I have birthed naturally: Hazel (10) and Knox (8), Zoë (5) and

Saxon (3). Being their mother has expanded my heart and deepened my passion for life in a way I never knew possible. I am so very grateful for my precious family and for the opportunity to extend this love and grace to other families all over Colorado and Kansas.

Meridian Faul, CPM


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