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support staff

the highly talented, professional birth workers who make the magic at Born


Victoria McElroy
Victoria began working for Born as a birth assistant in August of 2020, after delivering her first baby with them earlier that year. She immediately fell in love with birth work & began to pursue training with her whole heart. She began training as a student in November 2020 and feels blessed to be part of the work Born does. She has also begun teaching the Childbirth Education Classes, received her Doula certification, leads Borns postpartum support group & continues her apprenticeship with the Midwives. She is thrilled & excited to be serving the community by bringing the next generation into the world.


Amy Gallagher
Birth Assistant

Bringing the mind & body into harmony has been a goal of mine since I decided to go into massage therapy in 2011. In that field I learned, in depth, of how beautifully designed we are. Our bodies can feel like a prison at times, but with self-awareness, perseverance & some guidance, we can unlock our potential & move past our mental blocks & open up our minds & bodies to transform. When I became pregnant, I knew there was only one path for me: Born Midwifery! They make you want to just keep having babies! Now being a part of this amazing community of women who lift one another up and push one another to be better...Really, what more could one ask for? I am beyond humbled to be allowed in the birth space with amazing women who choose to trust their body & the Born Team. The strength I have seen women exhibit is beyond words.
The things I love:
- my hubby of 7 years
-our beautiful daughter who was born at BMCB
- my plants
- my Belizian heritage that keeps me grounded



Meg Winter
Birth Assistant
Childbirth Education Leader
Meg welcomed her son in November 2020 with the Born Midwifery team. For years prior, she developed a fascination with pregnancy and birth, specifically in awe of the capacity of the body both physically and mentally. She found much of her study through yoga teacher training about body awareness, breathwork and mindfulness complemented beautifully with pregnancy and labor. She is an avid reader of pregnancy and birth books and joined a doula circle with women across the country to expand her community and knowledge. She is incredibly excited to be part of this community and feels privileged to be part of your birth team. It is an honor for her to witness and assist Born mommas in the delivery of their children.

Meg has been married to her high school sweetheart for four years and is a mother to one.
Tea drinker.
Dark chocolate lover.
Views fashion as her creative outlet

Jen McBeth
Birth Assistant

Jen’s interest in midwifery actually began before she was even pregnant. One Instagram post years ago sent her down a path of learning about birth and the human body that still continues to this day. So when she got pregnant with her daughter she knew what she aligned with and wanted to be under the care of a midwife. Jen is in awe of God’s design for birth and believes wholeheartedly in women’s natural ability to do it. She is honored to be in the birth space of Born mothers, and humbled to be a part of such a compassionate and skilled birth team.
Jen loves her adventurous life married to a men’s college basketball coach and has gotten to “travel the country” for his job, but is happy to have landed in Wichita. 
- Born and raised in Orlando, FL
- college athlete
- has a recent love of DIY-ing her home
- lover of health, coffee, making lattes, and being at home. 


Cheyenne Huffman
Office Coordinator

Cheyenne was born and raised right here in Kansas! She currently lives in Kingman with her family; which is made up of her husband Chris, their sweet baby boy Copeland, and their dogs Jake and Indy. Cheyenne had her son, Copeland, here at Born & ever since has felt a deep connection with Born's mission and heart to support the women of Wichita through their pregnancy & births. She is ecstatic about joining Born's incredibly supportive team and can’t wait to get know and grow with all of you!

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