support staff

the highly talented, professional birth workers who make the magic at Born


Victoria McElroy
Student/Birth Assistant
Victoria began working for Born as a birth assistant in August of 2020, after delivering her first baby with them earlier that year. She immediately fell in love with birth work & began to pursue training with her whole heart. She began training as a student in November 2020 and feels blessed to be part of the work Born does. She has also begun teaching the Childbirth Education Classes, received her Doula certification, leads Borns postpartum support group & continues her apprenticeship with the Midwives. She is thrilled & excited to be serving the community by bringing the next generation into the world.


Sarah Kellenberger
birth assistant

Sarah is married to her husband of 10 years & they have four wonderful children together. Sarah has been intrigued & enamored by women giving birth for as long as she can remember. After getting married & considering her own births, she & her husband knew they wanted to go a different route than the conventional hospital setting they grew up knowing. Sarah fell in love with the midwifery model of care after her birth experiences & though she ended up giving birth to her first born in the hospital, she had the other three of her children at home with a midwife. The tender support given to her through the midwifery model of care ignited her love for birth in an even greater measure & grew a passion to see other women fulfill their desires for a supported birth of their choosing. When the opportunity came to work as a birth assistant with Born Midwifery, you can imagine it felt like a dream come true for her. Not only is she able to do what she is  passionate about, she is able to do it under two incredibly gifted, knowledgeable, compassionate, midwives. The standard Kyle & Meridian strive for is one of excellence. They bring a wealth of childbirth knowledge to the table & give exceptional care to every family they have the opportunity to serve. Their desire to bridge the gap between hospital & home births by the professional yet personal care they believe in is so special to be a part of. 

Amy Palser
office administrator 

Amy considers herself a midwife to the midwives - supporting them by taking care of any little things so they can do the big things they are called to do. She loves the midwife model that supports women & empowers them to bring life into the world on their own terms. One of her favorite things about her job at Born is visiting with the moms each time they come into the office for their prenatal appointments & watching them progress through their pregnancies. They are in the midst of the miraculous & it is amazing & so fun to watch the miracle unfold month by month! She also loves working with such amazing midwives who believe so strongly in their clients & support them in achieving their birth goals. Besides being part of the Born family, Amy is a freelance write & guitar teacher who likes to work out, cycle, lead worship & raise chickens. She has three great kids of whom she is very proud & one amazingly hunky husband.