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Kyle Parish, CPM

I attended my first birth as a birth photographer in 2010 and immediately realized my calling to birth.  I decided then to join DONA and be trained as a Doula assisting women in hospital births.  I practiced as a Doula in Wichita for 7 years and thoroughly enjoyed the experience of supporting women in their hospital births. During that time I also worked as a birth assistant to a home birth midwife for 3 years. I began my training as a Midwife in 2016 and had the privilege of training under 2 experienced midwives in the Wichita area. I have certifications in Helping Babies Breathe, Cultural Competency, Neonatal Resuscitation, BLS/CPR, Spinning Babies, Lactation Support (DONA) and Labor Support (DONA).

People often ask, "What is your approach to midwifery?".  That's a tricky question, as I believe it's always evolving. Today, I would say I believe in the natural God-given ability for women to give birth.  I believe that our bodies can heal through rest, holistic treatment and a proper clean diet. I believe that you are the caretaker of your body.  You should not be asked to give away that responsibility because the person who is caring for you has more education or a better title than you do. I believe in doing your due diligence in educating yourself on the care and treatment that you seek and receive.  I believe in informed consent and that you should have the right and time to discern and understand the information being given to you. I am thankful for medicine and its use when beneficial.  I am thankful for doctors and the care that they provide, and consult and involve them in the care I provide when necessary.  

I'm a born and raised Wichitan and currently reside on the Northwest side.  I have been married for 13 years and am a homeschooling mom of 4 boys. You can find me in my down time reading, sipping espresso and enjoying our beautiful city.
Kyle Parish CPM


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