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Childbirth Education Class - space is limited 

A class for ALL couples new to natural birth or wanting a renewed education and connection with natural birthing techniques. This customized class empowers families to be engaged, aware, healthy, and to make their own choices. We strongly embrace the power of partner support and will focus on well-equipping the partner with numerous tools to be a trusted support and comfort to the mother.  Your instructor brings years of true to life experience and an evidence-based curriculum helping each couple to gain the techniques which build trust and confidence and release fear.

Course Overview Sneak Peak:

     - Preconception Nutrition

     - Pregnancy Nutrition

     - Pregnancy Changes Overview 

          common complaints, body development changes, physiological pregnancy changes, pregnancy trimester overview

     - stages of labor - what to expect, what is normal, how to cope

     - all things postpartum 

     - complications, advocating for yourself, what to expect when things don't go as "expected" 

     - hiring a Doula/why or why not

Contact us for more information and class schedule

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